AQUATORIA in TOP 3 Moscow projects with high investment liquidity

16 March 2020 Moscow, Russia
AQUATORIA in TOP 3 Moscow projects with high investment liquidity
Over the past year, it has shown a price increase by 40%. At the launch stage Wainbridge, project developer, offered apartments for 186,1 rubles/ m2. Today, when the amount of sold units is about 50%, the average price per square meter is 260,000 rubles/ m2.<br>
<div class="Specially for us most furniture pieces were made by private manufacturing workshops. Our guests can relax on hand-made Vispiring mattresses and Rivolta Camirgnani bed linen. The rooms are furnished with elegant velour armchairs and sofas from the Italian company Promemoria. Besides, we offer fragrant coffee by Nespresso Zenuis coffee machine, covered in leather which colour matches the style of each room.>
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            AQUATORIA is in high demand among buyers who purchase apartments both for their own living and for investment purposes," comments Babür Dicker, CEO of Wainbridge in Russia. "Today, a significant part of the project deals is investment-oriented. This activity is due to the fact that the project combines several key advantages: a convenient location, thoughtful planning, high-quality finishing and high construction rates. In no more than 2 years the complex will be in operation, so potential investors and buyers still have an opportunity to successfully invest in AQUATORIA and to make maximum profit at the final stage of the project.

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