Wainbridge wins European Property Awards 2020-2021

14 December 2020 Moscow, Russia
Wainbridge wins European Property Awards 2020-2021
In mid-December in London International Property Awards selected ‘Best Development Projects 2020’ among European projects. AQUATORIA — Moscow residential complex by Wainbridge (international real estate developer) — was awarded in two categories among Russian competitors: «Best architecture» and «Best development». In the first category AQUATORIA took the highest score — five stars, and got the right to move to the next «European» stage of the competition. This means that AQUATORIA has entered the FINAL stage, where the winners from their local stages will compete with the projects from different countries.

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Michael Belton
Wainbridge International
President of Wainbridge International

An award in the International Property Awards is a great honor for us, because this proves recognition by the most rigorous judges.» One of the goals that we set for ourselves is to create international-level projects on the Russian market, to elaborate new development standards that can set the tone of the market. I am very proud of the entire project team, who are improving our project day after day

The evaluation process for the «Best architecture» category includes assessment of the project architectural solutions, their interaction with the surrounding landscape and existing buildings, the development of the project territory, as well as the use of innovative technologies in construction. The architectural concept of AQUATORIA was created by Metex Group — well-recognized in architectural community international bureau. The main theme that traced through the concept is «water»: the buildings’ facades are completely glazed and beautifully reflect the water surface of the Moscow Canal. Due to the reflection the project seems to grow out of the water and becomes its harmonious continuation. To mark the connection with the water and to show all beauty of the place it was important to include panoramic windows with stunning views over the water and nearest parks in the project. A special feature of the AQUATORIA project, which got high evaluation from the jury is the project’s embankment of 700-meter length. A unique feature that distinguishes AQUATORIA from others is its own embankment, designed by the architectural bureau IND Architechts. The main element of the 800-meters embankment will be walking area with an amphitheatre for social events in combination with coffee shops, cafes restaurants, a fitness center, pharmacies, banks on the ground floor of the development.

The International Property Awards is one of the most significant award in the world that held since 1993. It consists of several stages: first — regional (among European projects, Asian, North American, etc.), and then — international. The projects are evaluated by more than 70 independent experts from different countries who choose the best in each region. The projects are judged according with the following criterias; architectural concept, design, quality, operation, innovation, creativity, compliance with the principles of sustainable development.