Construction work in AQUATORIA is over 60% completed

14 July 2020 Moscow, Russia
Construction work in AQUATORIA is over 60% completed
Put in remembrance that the AQUATORIA residential complex is located on the bank of the Moscow channel on a land plot of 5 hectares. There are four residential buildings with 647 apartments with a two-level underground parking, an educational center for 300 children and a comfortable embankment 800 meters long.

Now on the territory of the project work is actively underway to strengthen the coastline, in the stylobate part of the complex, 97% of hydro and thermal insulation of the roof are completed, fire extinguishing, power supply, ventilation and sewerage systems are being installed. Finishing work is underway in the storerooms and technical rooms.

In residential buildings all engineering systems are being laid, as well as installation of facade structures is being carried out: in buildings C1 and C2 works on the arrangement of facades and glazing are completed by 87% and by 89% respectively. In buildings B1 and B2, similar work has been completed by 50% and by 70%.

Babur Diker
Babur Diker
Wainbridge International
CEO of Wainbridge Russia

Residential complex AQUATORIA is the largest Wainbridge project in Russia in terms of the volume of residential construction.Therefore, the task of meeting the deadlines for the commissioning is a priority for us. We adhere to the construction schedule very strictly. Now the site employs almost 600 people, all of them work in shifts so that work does not stop even at night

This year in March, two independent analytical centers (Est-A-Tet and Nedvizhimost-Profi) recognized the AQUATORIA residential complex as one of the most attractive residential properties in Moscow from an investment point of view. For 12 months of 2019, the project showed a price increase of 40%, and as the project is completed, it continue to grow. Today, when the complex has sold more than 55% of the area, the average cost of a square meters is equal to 294,022 thousand rubles / sq. m.

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