Review of the residential complex AQUATORIA

12 September 2019
 Review of the  residential complex AQUATORIA
- Michael, tell please, how do you plan to organize and distinguish the space between business center and residential part in AQUATORIA project?

- The Multifunctional Complex AQUATORIA includes two main parts: business center and residential. When we designed the Complex, our main task was to separate two categories of people: residents and office workers. Having studied traffic and passenger situations we built navigation inside the Complex in such a way that no one would feel any inconvenience or discomfort. In the morning, a stream of workers will be directed to the Business Centre while the residents will go out for their jobs. At the same time, infrastructure of the Complex is loaded during the day. In addition, the project is geographically divided: office buildings are located in the Northern part, and residential buildings - in the South, and each of them has its own parking area and separate infrastructure. This concentration of different functions, on the one hand, provides residents and office workers with everything they need, and on the other – creates the need to separate pedestrian and traffic flows for security and privacy.

- How did you delimit the parking area?

- We have designed AQUATORIA in such a way that the office and residential parts have separate entrances to the underground parking, and the parking areas are divided and have individual access control. An access to the infrastructure for internal users is provided both through the parking and from the street. Residents of the complex will be able to get to the supermarket and fitness center without leaving the buildings and guests of the complex will use the external entrance with surface parking.

- And how did you separate the infrastructure between residents and office workers, because they need different spaces? How to make sure that the office workers will not leave their cars in the yard, and mothers with their children will not go into cafes and restaurants (where, for example, business meetings will be held for the same time?)

- We have divided the entire project territory into two levels – private and public. The private part is located on the stylobate with the only access for AQUATORIA residents. The main task for us was to make a private yard without cars. Today, it is a vital problem for many projects. For example, all yards near the terminal metro station clogged up with cars from Monday to Friday. We do not want to see the same situation in our project, so we have made all the residential buildings free from cars, only linear objects will be located here: sports and children's playgrounds, recreation areas, a kindergarten, and so on. As for the business center, all the necessary facilities will be located on the lower floors of the building – a dining rooms for employees, cozy cafes and restaurants, ATMs, a conference room, meeting rooms and sports facilities.

- It is planned to create a common space – the embankment in the Complex. How it will be zoned for business/children's/residential/sports part?

- The recreational territory of the Complex links two well-maintained embankments: the embankment of the Complex and the embankment, located next to the business center – River City. It is a single space 700 meters long which will make the Project a flagship in the development of the embankment. Сafes and restaurants, shops, beauty salons and medical services will be located along the coastline and opened to everyone: residents, employees and guests. In the Northern part will be a recreation area which will link the Project with Khimkinskii Lesopark and the municipal Beach.