New strategic partnership to provide Wainbridge expansion in Russia

16 November 2020 Vladivostok, Russia
New strategic partnership  to provide Wainbridge expansion in Russia
Novatoria is a residential development that will be constructed in the heart of Vladivostok on a 9 868 sq.m. land plot. The project comprises 364 units with views over Amur Bay that is 24 246 sq.m. of total buildable area 47 380 sq.m.

Residents of the new residential complex will benefit from the project’s own infrastructure: commercial spaces that would be rented by restaurants, cafes and grocery stores, three-level parking with 293 spaces, sports- and playgrounds, art installations.

Each unit will be supplied with smart-home systems and will boast designed interiors – these will mark the beginning of new standards for comfort- and business class properties.

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Michael Belton
Wainbridge International
President of
Wainbridge International

We has always been interested in this location considering various concepts that could be realized here, that’s why the launch of works on the project was just a matter of time. Our cooperation with Areal-Development started many years ago: we worked together on the GUM’s redevelopment in Vladivostok, participated in concept creation for the contemporary residential project Marinist, that was delivered last year, - told Michael Belton, the President of Wainbridge International. – Today we are glad to join Novotoria’s team to bring our international expertise on the project to bring its development on a higher level. We couldn’t even imagine a more perfect location for the project than it has now - the city center in combination with the close proximity to Amur Bay – we are lucky to be part of the project as other experienced development company that carefully selects new projects according to innovative concepts and unusual/interesting locations

Dmitry Glotov
Owner of

Our main goal as a company is to create a product that would satisfy the needs of modern lifestyle, including contemporary architecture and extensive infrastructure facilities. Now Vladivostok lacks such developments that can offer this combination, but we will fix it, - comments Dmitry Glotov, the owner of Areal-Development. – Our common development experience and great work synergy with Wainbridge will generate absolutely new and innovative ideas that would hit the property market/create a sensation on the property market. Relying on our previous positive work results with Wainbridge we are sure that we will gain our goals with the upcoming projects that will set new development standards in the urban and regional markets.

Novatoria has started the works on the construction site. The sales launch is expected in Q4 2020.