Sales launch at AQUATORIA –new tower is on the market

25 December 2020 Moscow, Russia
Sales launch at AQUATORIA –new tower is on the market
Wainbridge launches sales of units in B3 tower at Aquatoria, multifunctional complex with own embankment in Levoberezhny District. The fifth building will be a 20-storey tower with terraces on the top floors and will stand out in the first line of the Moscow Canal. The residential area will comprise 204 apartments — 16 723 square meters; and be connected with other towers through stylobate with two-level underground parking.

Babur Diker
CEO of Wainbridge Russia

New residential tower will be a valuable addition to AQUATORIA: it is functional but doesn’t contradict with the architectural concept of the project, comments Babur Diker, General Director of Wainbridge Russia. — Four residential towers have been built and will be delivered next year, so, future residents of the new tower have an opportunity to see fit-outs, to learn more about our construction technologies and AQUATORIA’s property manager, to try the infrastructure of the complex much earlier than they will move into their apartments

To date four residential buildings are standing glazed and fit-out works have been started. Moreover, 85% of units have been sold.

AQUATORIA has been recognized as the most invest-attractive Moscow project of 2019-2020. The price increase per square meter in the first 4 residential buildings has reached 95% since the sales launch. In the new tower the average price per square meter will be 265 000,00 roubles.

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