The hunt for change

3 February 2020
The hunt for change
“The luxury market is growing at the fastest pace and there are some current trends. One of them is sharing. People buy less, but rent more and more, including housing. Renting frees people from the need to solve many issues related to the complexity of the construction and maintenance of real estate. At the same time, there were practically no offers on the rental market of the level to which guests of the presidential rooms of the best hotels in the world are accustomed.

We decided to fill this niche - to build a collection of houses with service apartments.
The first project by The Collection brand was carried out in London, now we are working in Paris, New York, Courchevel, the Caribbean and the Cote d'Azur. This idea is closest to me: traveling instead of being tied to one place. Partly I have invested my personal desires and experience in the basis of the project. Ten years ago I built myself a house in the south of France, and it turned out to be the best in the area. This atypical project was a desire to be bought or to be rented. But we had built this house for ourselves and had been living in it for nine years, raised their our four children... Then we wanted to change the location, and we rented out a house in France. The demand turned out to be very high, because a similar level of housing was not represented on the market. So it had to be invented.

Each new project has its own difficulties. It is important to find the right place, to predict it correctly, to buy it out or to build the right house. Sometimes purchase negotiations take 5-7 years. The main task is to convince a customer to want to live in this place. In my opinion, we are doing it well: one family has been renting our residence in Courchevel for three years and recently renewed the contract.

In Paris, we opened the Hôtel Particulier Villeroy in an old mansion formerly owned by the family of the owners of the Villeroy & Boch manufacture. 1500 sq. m - 11 bedrooms with the ability to connect them into an apartment, restaurant, bar, spa and conference area: everything is like in good hotels, but much more chambered. Feels like at home.

To achieve real success, we cooperate with the best of the best, select effective solutions and create truly unique products. We are very picky about trifles. In our opinion, they do not exist - everything is important: from furniture to textiles and fittings. Each of our projects has a wow factor. For example, a chandelier carved from a single piece of white onyx, a 7-meter-high sliding roof or a mirrored steel roof in a pool area.

Source: Robb Report # 2/2020