Wainbridge sets new finishing standards in Vladivostok

25 January 2021 Vladivostok, Russia
Wainbridge sets new finishing standards in Vladivostok
Wainbridge has expanded its area of responsibilities in the Novatoria project in Vladivostok. The company is working on the project in partnership with Areal-Development. In addition to the existed Wainbridge tasks the company will manage all construction phases of one of the buildings, including works on designer fit-outs (only this building offers fit-out finishes), layout modification, entrance halls interiors and will be responsible for the quality management process and overall performance.

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Alexander Schmidt
General Director of

Fit-out apartments is a rare thing on the Vladivostok market, but there is an increasing demand for this apartment type. So, not to miss the opportunity to attract new clients it was decided to slightly change the concept and to make one building with ready-to-move in apartments. We want Novatoria to have real success on the market that’s why we asked Wainbridge to join. Wainbridge is our good partner; they have vast experience in project creation and in construction management/technical supervision as well. With them Novatoria will become unrivalled in quality and performance among other projects in Vladivostok.


The residential complex is a three-building development in the city. The buildings varies in storeys and features modern architecture, which concept was created by Studio-T. A. Architecture. The project is located on the shore of the Amur Bay and boasts outstanding panoramic views over the city and the water. Buildings B and C offer free-planning apartments without finishes.

Building A that is supervised by Wainbridge offers apartments with fit-out finishes. There will be several finishing options, and customers will be able to choose the most desirable one.

Babur Diker
CEO of
Wainbridge Russia

Vladivostok has great potential for both quantitative and qualitative growth in the construction industry. Our team is focused on the qualitative changes in the real estate market of Vladivostok. Now there are no alternative projects which could offer apartments with high-quality designer finishes. Our mission is to change this situation and to show that modern development is much more than concrete square meters. We offer not just walls, but a convenient space ready for living, created by experienced designers. Importantly, our approach completely eliminates the process of endless repair works after key delivery.