For Investors

Wainbridge combines the skills of legal and financial structuring with extensive experience in managing real estate assets in order to provide the best return for our Investors.

The international experience of the team combined with a practical approach, multiplied by knowledge of the real estate market, helps Wainbridge Investors to maximize the profits from transactions.


Total number of projects

1 864 717 sq.f

Total area of projects worldwide

14 years

on the international market

Project’s portfolio by function
Total GDV of completed and currently developed assets:
$ 1,620 m
The Caribbean
$ 941 m
$ 933 m
$ 2,307 m

The Wainbridge Approach

The Wainbridge Approach

The investor has the ability to control the rate of return Wainbridge forms the Investors team before the start of open project sales. This serves as a guarantor of successful implementation of the project, including favorable prices and attractive conditions for buyers..

Absence of risks

A key characteristic of our projects is the location that exists in synergy with a strong concept and relevant quality. That is why the portfolio of Wainbridge projects is an attractive and reliable tool for investing in real estate.

Proven tools

Wainbridge offers Investors tools that are working at the global level. Debt instruments with a fixed rate of profit — a convenient and understandable version of the partnership, significantly higher than the rates on deposits in banks. In this version, the funds are attracted to a specific project and can be applied only for the implementation of this project.

Financial Partners

All Partners

Our partners trust us and are ready to support our ideas in each project.
We are proud to be in the partnership with them and we do our best to live up to their expectations.