Everything must be done on time

4 September 2018 Moscow, Russia
Everything must be done on time
How was your career developing in Russia?

I am a civil engineer by profession. When I arrived from Turkey in 1997, I worked in several construction companies. In 2003 I got the position of Director for Construction in CMI Development, one of the most professional teams with international experience at that time. There I met Michael Belton, current president of Wainbridge. We have been working together for about 13 years now. Among other things, we are connected with experience in the Storm Properties- company, one of whose owners is Kirill Pisarev. Today he is also the Chairman of the Board of directors of Wainbridge. Each of us has many years of experience in development and construction. We have always tried to make our projects one step ahead of the market, having a share of innovation.

What has been the innovation? What projects are we talking about?

When we started working with Michael, the Krylatsky Hills-project was launched, the first business park in Russia. This was the first experience of constructing office buildings outside the center of the city. The project turned out a mega-success. Many developers tried to repeat our idea. But success comes when you offer something first and when you do it on time.

What is the success secret of the Krylatsky Hills?

There were several factors involved. The project started in 2003, when Moscow was short of quality business centers, and the "Hills" were supposed to provide a volume of 45,000 m2 of office space. At that time it was very much.
The format of the business park in a green, ecologically clean place with a sufficient number of parking spaces and its own developed infrastructure was unaccustomed to ordinary Russian companies. Everyone was eager to rent a location in the center. We turned to international companies, such as Microsoft, to study their needs and entered negotiations at the design stage. The demand from them was high. In addition to quality premises, tenants appreciated the possibility of saving time on the road due to traffic opposite to the main traffic flow. Many moved closer to work, in Krylatskoe. Later we participated in the construction of such projects as Balchug Plaza in the city center, Dream House in Barvikha. Now there are plenty of office buildings. Today our priority is quality projects for life.

If you look at the map, then all these projects are not in the center of Moscow. How do you choose the location?

Several years ago, the transport situation in Moscow reached a critical point, and tenants and residents drew attention to decentralized facilities. There was a desire to spend less time on the road, live and work in environmentally friendly areas. The city center has ceased to be the limit of the dreams of the majority. At the forefront are projects that combine several functions and allow you to solve everyday tasks, almost without leaving your district or even the house.
We feel the potential in this format and develop it. At the same time there can be any distance from the city center. More important are the environment of the project and its functionality. That way, the multifunctional complex Aquatoria will be located on the bank of the Moscow Canal. Half of it will be residential, the other half - with offices. The main thing that is thought out in this project is the opportunity to reduce the time lost on the road to the office, by working near the house. We will build a kindergarten and a school, a supermarket, a fitness center - all in one complex. A great place for families with children and for those who value nature and space.
Another of our projects - "1 + 1" - is located near the metro station "Belorusskaya". Only 1 km to the "White Square", 5 km to the Red Square. This project will attract those for whom the priority is: the proximity to the dynamic city center, who works and builds his social life here in this area, and in his spare time likes to attend trendy events. In addition, a convenient transport interchanges and the proximity of the Belorussky Railway Station makes it possible to be mobile, to travel frequently. This is the key advantage of this location.
If 15 years ago people bought any housing that appeared on the market, now they have the opportunity to choose housing not only by location, but also by the style of life, something key developers are actively working on. There is a big competition between them, and this is good both for consumers and for developers. We strive to give the best offer to the client, and this is the main incentive for creating new unique projects.

In addition to the successful location and thoughtful infrastructure of the residential complex, you offer smart apartments. What it is?

We have a firm position to offer completely finished apartments. This gives the customer comfort and time savings. Firstly, when you receive the keys, you will be able to move in and live there the next day. And you will not suffer from the fact that a drill works in the neighboring apartments, and the elevator is covered with construction dust for another half a year. Secondly, a renovation by yourself will be twice as expensive than for a developer, who purchases all the materials in bulk and gives guarantees.
But we are moving even further by creating smart-apartments, which solve three basic tasks: provide comfort, operational efficiency and safety for the residents. To solve these problems in "1 + 1" we offer apartments not only with finishing, but also with furniture and with all kitchen appliances - there are already agreements with manufacturers, they give a minimum of 25% discount. At the start of construction we provide the buyer with a choice of at least three options for finishing and furnishing.

You are submitting a club system as one of the advantages of your projects. How does it work?

Our goal is not just to build a beautiful house in a good location, but also to make sure that people are comfortable living there. It does not matter what type of apartment you have - comfort class, business class, premium class - in any case, you should be calm for the safety of your child when he is playing at the playground. Therefore, we create a security system and concierge service. Apropos, in our residential complex "Fili Park" the lobby is 60 m2. In "1 + 1" we provided basic services for a modern city-resident: special rooms for family events, a room for yoga, a fitness club with a swimming pool, a cinema hall, a safe game room for children and adults. Of course, there is an underground parking lot. The first floor will be completely allocated for infrastructure facilities.

And where do you live? What location did they choose for yourself?

I love living outside the city. I have a house on Pyatnitskoye Shosse. However, I also bought a studio in "Fili Park." By the way, some of our shareholders also purchased apartments in this complex and live there with their families. But this project is almost fully implemented; there are only two apartments left. Now we are starting the "1 + 1" project. The commissioning will take place in two years.

Do you constantly live in Russia?

Yes. I have been a Russian citizen for a long time now. I go to Turkey mostly to see my relatives: my parents, my brother, several friends live there. Usually for two or three weeks per year.

And where do you prefer to relax?

Solely in Turkey. Usually on the May holidays, when it's not too hot. Usually I go to Antalya or Belek. I try to spend my holidays with my children. I have two sons, 11 and 13 years old. Unfortunately, in daily mode there is not that much time to spend together, so a joint holiday is an excellent option.

For so many years in Moscow, you probably became used to our climate?

Of course! Now it's not easy for me to be in Turkey in August - it's too hot.

But, apparently, you as a southern person here do not have enough sun?

The sun here is not enough for anyone.

Is that why all your projects come with panoramic windows?

Large windows are a trend all over the world. And it's not just the right insolation, the desire to get more sun. The larger the window, the better the view. Earlier the windows were made small in order to avoid heat loss. And the walls were made thick with bricks. Still many people think that a brick house is the best there can be. But today these ideas are outdated. There are many new materials - more effective in terms of thermal insulation and allowing you to save space. The glass now keeps the heat much better than before. So do not be afraid of large windows. A window in the house is a window to the world.