Hotel Particulier Villeroy in TOP-10 best-designed hotels

15 July 2020 Paris, France
Hotel Particulier Villeroy in TOP-10 best-designed hotels

Architectural Digest France, the most powerful in architecture and interior design magazine, included Hôtel Particulier Villeroy in TOP-10 hotels with best designs.

Wainbridge and The Collection - luxury serviced operator – thought over every detail in the project design The best French artists and designers with unique creative approaches were working on the interior design. The boutique-hotel abounds in exquisite decorative elements that piece by piece were collected from all around the world finally found their home in Hotel Particulier Villeroy. The hotel speaks luxury language: marble mantel shelves by Calacatta tell you about the historic side of the hotel, finely-decorated cast iron banisters in the main hall, fretted ceiling and an extraordinary chandelier with alabaster globes by Atelier Alain Ellouz exude charms and intimacy.

Every room in Hotel Particulier Villeroy is embellished with handmade elements: Italian furniture by Promemoria, beds made by Wainbridge special request and covered by Italian bed linen Rivolta Camirgnani with soft and high-quality pillows and blankets by the French brand Drouault.

Jaquos Udinot
Wainbridge International
CEO of
The Collection

Specially for us most furniture pieces were made by private manufacturing workshops, - comments Jacques Oudinot, CEO for The Collection. – Our guests can relax on hand-made Vispiring mattresses and Rivolta Camirgnani bed linen. The rooms are furnished with elegant velour armchairs and sofas from the Italian company Promemoria. Besides, we offer fragrant coffee by Nespresso Zenuis coffee machine, covered in leather which colour matches the style of each room.

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