In Residential Complex AQUATORIA, reconstruction process of the embankment of the Moscow has begun

27 July 2020 Moscow, Russia
In Residential Complex AQUATORIA, reconstruction process of the embankment of the Moscow has begun

The international development company Wainbridge informs that in the residential complex AQUATORIA work on the reconstruction and improvement of the embankment of Moscow has begun. This complex is located on the Leningradskoye Highway and includes four residential buildings with 647 apartments, a two-level parking lot, an educational center for 300 children and its own comfortable embankment.

The main works in the arrangement of the coastal area are concentrated on the bank of Moscow River protection. For this purpose sheet piles and monolithic reinforced concrete structures are already being installed on the first line of the residential area. Moreover, the embankment facing slabs are being installed. After the completion of these works, the installation of anchor rods to the slabs will begin, which will keep the bank of the river from erosion. The device of the structure and the device of the enclosing structures during the descent to the water brigade will be transferred only after strengthening the territory.

After the completion of construction work in the AQUATORIA residential complex the territory of the embankment of the quarter will be combined with the coastline of the neighboring business center «River City». Thus, the total length of the walking area will be 800 meters.

The concept of the embankment improvement was developed by the IND architectural bureau. According to the architects’ plan, there will be a landscape park with sun loungers and a central square with an amphitheater, where concerts, lectures, exhibitions and open-air film screenings can be held in summer, and Christmas fairs will be available in winter. In the two-level stylobate of the residential complex (facing directly to the embankment), will be restaurants, lounge cafes with open verandas and other service points that will not only cover the household needs of the residents of the complex, but will become bright accents of the coastline, which is so important for the whole area.

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