IND architects created the concept of the embankment renovation for AQUATORIA residential compound by Wainbridge

30 January 2020 Moscow, Russia
IND architects created the concept of the embankment renovation for AQUATORIA residential compound by Wainbridge
Finally IND has presented a vibrant and interesting concept. The embankment will be extended byan 800-meters walking area that will suit the needs of AQUATORIA’s residents.

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Michael Belton
Wainbridge International
President of Wainbridge International

Local authorities see the redevelopment and the improvement of embankments and parks in the Northern Administrative Region as their main focal task. The establishment of recreational open spaces is a top priority. We asked a very progressive and innovative architectural bureau IND architects to help us in creation of the concept for the embankment improvement at AQUATORIA. The team of architects accepted our offer with enthusiasm and, inspired by AQUATORIA’s atmosphere and its location, successfully completed the task. I believe the new embankment will go well with the modern standards of multifunctional spaces, and will include a great amount of infrastructural units and recreational sports areas.

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Amir Idiatullin
Wainbridge International
CEO of IND architects

Our concept is based on the connection to water. Alongside the Moscow River we suggested building a landscape park with an amphitheatre for social events that would be the key element of the embankment because of its central exposition. Our concept implies the transformation of embankment into a social place with multifunctional use that would satisfy the wide-ranging preferences of AQUATORIA’s residents: those who like active leisure and those who are striving for a quiet life in harmony with nature. “With the help of such basic elements as benches, playgrounds, loungers and cafes we will create AQUATORIA’s own style that would reflect the values of project’s philosophy.

The descent to the river will be equipped with convenient steps. The amphitheater will work all year round: summer stage, auditorium, open air cinema and exhibition zone are all possible options for the use of the amphitheater. Besides, IND architects have thought about ‘the content’ of two-level podium space of the project: here you will see restaurants, lounge-cafes with outdoor dining areas with panoramic views.

The idea of the connection to nature is reflected in finishing materials of the facade – a netting of aluminum facets and textured panels made of stainless steel evoke the texture of rippling water.

Currently AQUATORIA is under construction, with the residential buildings going through the installation of the façade and internal engineering lines. It is worth nothing that AQUATORIA is among few Moscow residential complexes that offer fit-out flats. To date more than 40% of flats in AQUATORIA have been sold. The minimum price of a unit at AQUATORIA starts at 13,5 mln. rub.

About IND atchitects

Company’s professionalism and profound understanding of the industry, its ability to predict trends of modern life and to meet customer’s values and desires are important qualities that stand to succeed. We are deeply impressed with the company’s expertise and competence implemented in its’ high-quality projects.

AQUATORIA is an amazing project by Wainbridge and we are happy to be involved in it. Company’s -non-standard approach, its desire to be one step ahead of the market and to benefit from the newest technologies allowed us to develop the unique architectural and landscape project for the residential complex. The environment which will be created here will encourage work-life balance and allow future residents to enjoy all the benefits of the city living combined with the harmony of the splendid natural environment.

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