The governor of Primorsky Region Oleg Kozhemyako and the Head of Wainbridge Kirill Pisarev about cooperation

25 June 2021
The governor of Primorsky Region Oleg Kozhemyako and the Head of Wainbridge Kirill Pisarev about cooperation
The Governor of Primorsky Region, Oleg Kozhemyako, met with the representatives of Wainbridge, Acons Group and Areal-Development to discuss the future of the Vladivostok real estate market. Kirill Pisarev and Ivan Ivanov, the Head and Development Director of Wainbridge, were glad to discuss with the Governer new standards of residential projects and infrastructure, opportunities to make Vladivostok more attractive for investments.

Kirill Pisarev thinks that business can improve situation with comfortable urban environment and the economy of the region. «New public territories attract more and more people, they bring deals and money. This influences land prices — they are growing. And we see that this old industrial zone can be a starting point, and near it prestigious residential complexes can find there place. The same happened to New York during the construction of the embankment from Manhattan to Chelsea, » said the Head of Wainbridge.

Mr. Pisarev also shared his impressions of Vladivostok. He visited the Far Eastern capital for the first time, got acquainted with different locations and noted that the city is lacking in public spaces: only few comfortable promenades, while Vladivostok has great reason to boast — the shore of the Bay... In his opinion, the increase of the number of recreation zones and the complex approach to the city renovation can be included in the list of priorities of Vladivostok.

The new concept of integrated territorial development (KRT — transliteration from Russian) was introduced by the Federal Law No. 494-FZ of December 30, 2020. The document regulates the institute of the KRT and the mechanisms for settling emergency and dilapidated housing. The owners of private houses, barracks and khrushchevkas that are in the renovation zone, will have to move in an equivalent houses/apartments in accordance with Article 32 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation —the government purchases properties for a market price for federal or municipal needs.

The Governor of Primorsky Region Oleg Kozhemyako noted that there are city projects that deserve attention of federal developers. He thinks they can bring to the residential real estate market of Vladivostok fresh solutions in design for public spaces and territories, propose ergonomic planning solutions and relevant design ideas for interiors. Wainbridge intends to participate in the creation of new housing standards in the region and in the implementation of projects using its international expertise. The company is already working on the Novatoria project in partnership with Areal-Development. The government of Primorye expressed its readiness to contribute its part in realization of such important projects for the city