The concept of corporate social responsibility for Wainbridge is a commitment to company values, helping people, and caring for the environment.
We strive to act as responsible market leaders and stimulate processes, which is aimed at positive and long-term changes.


Our principles Conservation of the planet with conscientious consumption, reusing of resources and reducing waste.
And these are not just words, and certainly just the beginning.

Since 2014 we have disposed
on April 19, 2024

00000 pcs+0000
of plastic caps
00 kg+0kg
of batteries
0000 kg+000kg
of waste paper

Since 2014
Wainbridge saved
on April 19, 2024

0000 trees
000000 m
of land
0000 m³
of water
0000 kW
of electricity
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Social life

Wainbridge's efforts are concentrated mainly on charity projects aimed at maintaining the health of society and the harmonious development of the younger generation.

We provide sponsorship and charity support to several public foundations, and all the allocated funds are directed to medicines, medical equipment, essentials and gifts for children with autoimmune diseases, wards of orphanages and aged people.

London Charity Gala

The evening raised over £720,000 for children with severe diseases.

London, UK
18 January 2020
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